Welcome To Jeannie's & Pratap's Site

Having reached this particular corner on the long and winding road of nearly 50 years, we decided to join the global community of the 21st century.  Welcome, and we hope that our family and friends in England, Scotland, India, Canada, USA, Turkey, Egypt, Germany, France and Italy will find some amusement in these pages.
Jeannie is presently writing a novel, fragments of which you can be read on her page, tending to her Bonsai trees, learning Italian and making a new garden.
As for Pratap, he is creating this website (you may ask has he nothing better to do?) and  gardening under strict supervision.  But seriously he is trying to raise money for Action Aid who work in Uganda (his birth place) and India by organising Authentic Curry cooking experiences as you can see. 
This site is regularly updated to include more material.  If you have interesting photos please email them to me,  I will include them on this site.

Jeannie & Pratap
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